Lusvardi Art is pleased to present the second solo exhibition of Alessandro Rauschmann at our gallery.

 Enter the forbidden city“ is a reference to the forbidden city in Beijing. A city within the city which was forbidden for the public for centuries. When the forbidden city opened its gate, it turned into a museum. A Gesamtkunstwerk that was kept in secret was now on public display. 

The show at Lusvardi Art can be seen as the artist`s city within the city. A body of work that grew in the artist's studio in Berlin-Neukölln is now set up as an environment accessible to the public. A city you are allowed to enter. But why the metaphor of a city? The artist questions: What is a city in your memory? The answer could be: We remember the city as a feeling related to short happenings frozen in static images moving by in front of our inner eye.It is an atmosphere reaching out to all senses and if you zoom into this imagination, you may see single objects. The idea of capturing the spirit of a city in static images is built on this concept of memory. In 2023 Alessandro Rauschmann found 20 equally sized square aluminum plates and started to work on them. 13 of these plates are now shown at Lusvardi Art along with 3 Mobiles and a group of sculptures related to this body of work.

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