Elisa Ewert

*1985 Berlin

Elisa Ewert's works are based on the surfaces of urban space, in alignment with inner landscapes.

With her haptic paintings and ceramics, the artist creates haunting studies on materiality, the (living) space, transience and transformation. Elisa Ewert uses painterly techniques of faceting, iridescend tonal gradations and the combination of layers of colour with different qualities. In her objects, the Berliner works with traces and imprints of different structures in clay. Her objects thematize volume and structure and they are characterized by forensic richness of detail and the dynamics of transformation. Her amorphous sculptures associatively place possible figures into the exhibition space as artworks that move on a sensitive line between the raw and the fine.

Elisa Ewert studied in University of Arts in Berlin where she obtained a Master`s degree in Fine Art in the class of Prof. Burkhard Held.

The artist exhibited and performed among the following venues: Kunstverein Hoher Fläming, Bad Belzig (2021), Galerie asterisk, eine feministische Intervention ( Berlin 2020), Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt (Berlin 2020), Blech Raum für Kunst, (Halle 2020),

Circle 1 gallery, (Berlin 2019), + DEDE (Berlin 2019), + DEDE Pojektraum Berlin (Berlin 2018),  Schaufenster Raum Für Kunst (Berlin 2018),  Dada Post (Berlin 2018), 

Schaufenster Raum für Kunst (Berlin 2018), Alte Münze (Berlin 2018), Kunstverein Neukölln (Berlin 2017), Atelier Karsten Konrad in Koorperation mit Schaufenster Raum für Kunst (Berlin 2017), Projektraum TAMAGO ( Berlin 2017), KWA ( Berlin 2017), St. Johannes Evangelist (Berlin 2016), Studio Picknick (Berlin 2016), Kaskl (Berlin 2016), Meisterschülerausstellung, Universität der Künste (Berlin 2015).

Elisa Ewert is living and working in Berlin.