Agostino Artese

*1987 Palermo

Agostino M. Artese is a photographer and video-maker who lives and works in Berlin.

His photography fluctuate at the edge between reality and and its mise-en-scene. Central element of its research is the mutual exchange between photographer/observer and the observed subject. The intimate sphere and chances of photography to investigate the body have characterized his first years of his photographic practice. 

Photography, fragile and uncertain sight that keeps questioning itself even after the shooting phase,  pushes him to seek what is excluded from the image, the offscreen, and everything that inside the image remains obscure. Hence the photographer manipulates his own images through extreme enlargements of details that could appear irrelevant.

Equally attracted by the provocative potential of a personal story of an unadorned and uninhibited form of beauty, Agostino M. Artese reads into the personal stories of his models with photography, as chances for converting the "constructivist" narratives of the naked body as a mere substrate of social inscription into a more refined and complex study around the concreteness of bodies.